CGBM Archive


Released data on May 1, 2018; PROCVER =

Please carefully read the following caveats regarding the latest release of the CGBM archive data:

  • The CGBM archive data are intended to be the OGIP standard FITS format. However, the current version does not fully comply with the OGIP standard. If you find any issues with the data, please send your comments to our mailing list:
  • The EXPOSURE column of the monitor data (TH data and PH data) is not corrected for the deadtime. In a future release, we will provide the deadtime corrected exposure time in the EXPOSURE column.
  • The TH data (monitor data) have a known issue regarding a jitter in timing. TIME column of the data could introduce the systematic jitter of several tens of milliseconds (i.e. the difference between the times of successive bins can differ from the nominal 0.125 s by several tens of milliseconds). Although we understand the cause of this timing issue and the way to correct this, the correction has not been applied to the current version. Please be cautious that the TIME column of the data could introduce the systematic jitter of several tens of milliseconds.
  • Verification of absolute CGBM timing is still in progress. Current times might have uncertainties as large as ~1 s.
  • We are not ready to provide the energy response files for the localized GRBs. Therefore, no spectral analysis is possible using the CGBM data at this stage.
  • Keyword comments may be missing to fully explain the meaning of the keywords. Modifications of the comments will be implemented in a future release.
  • The CHECKSUM and DATASUM keywords are missing for the most of the data. We will implement these keywords in a future release.