Archive structure

The CGBM data are organized at /cgbm/data in the two main directories:

├── /obs  : contains the data collected on daily basis
└── /trend : contains the temporary data and some daily plots useful to the team

The /obs directory

These data are organized according to the observation date in /YYYY/YYYYMMDD subdirectories, where YYYY, MM, DD are the observation year, month, and day respectively (e.g. /2018/20180302). Each daily directory has the following structure:

├── /auxil
│   ├── cgbm_YYYYMMDD.att
│   ├──
│   ├── cgbm_YYYYMMDD.iat
│   ├── cgbm_YYYYMMDD.orb
│   ├── cgbm_YYYYMMDD.tim
│   ├── cgbm_YYYYMMDD_hxm1.gti
│   ├── cgbm_YYYYMMDD_hxm2.gti
│   └── cgbm_YYYYMMDD_sgm.gti
└── /monitor

The /auxil directory

This directory contains files common to all instruments such as attitude, housekeeping, orbit, and time conversion data as well as Good Time Interval (GTI) data specific for each CGBM gamma-ray detector.

The following table briefly summarizes each file type:

Type Name Description
att, iat cgbm_YYYYMMDD.att, cgbm_YYYYMMDD.iat contains the attitude information
hk contains the housekeeping data related to CGBM detectors
orb cgbm_YYYYMMDD.orb contains the orbit information
tim cgbm_YYYYMMDD.tim contains the time correction data
gti cgbm_YYYYMMDD_[det].gti contains good time intervals for each detector

[det] is a detector identifier: hxm1, hxm2, or sgm.


Some file types can be missed for a particular day.

The /monitor directory

This directory contains time histories (TH data) and multi-channel spectra (PH data) obtained by CGBM gamma-ray detectors in the survey mode. For each CGBM detector: HXM1, HXM2, and SGM, these data are collected in two partially overlapping energy ranges which correspond to two different gains: high gain (HG) and low gain (LG). So, for each day there are 6 TH-files and 6 PH-files (6 = 3 detectors x 2 gains).