Archive overview

CGBM data overview

The CGBM produces two types of scientific data. One is continuous monitoring (=survey) data which is always outputted to the telemetry, independent of the trigger status. The monitor data has two kinds of histogram data: Time History (TH) data with a 1/8 (=0.125) sec time resolution and 8 energy channels, and Pulse Height (PH) data with a 4 sec time resolution and 512 energy channels. The other is event-by-event (EVENT) data available in the trigger mode. The EVENT data have the time resolution of 62.5 μs and digitized in 4096 channels for each high and low gain.

For more details see CGBM Data.

CGBM archive access

The CGBM archive can be accessed via the following interface:

CGBM archive coverage and data availability

The archive covers the time from the start of CGBM operation on October 5, 2015 up to the present.

The daily monitor and auxiliary data become available in the archive with a delay of ~1 day.


The trigger data are not available in the current release of the archive.