CGBM observations of GRB181222A

Trigger number: 1229496031
Trigger date: 2018/12/22
Trigger time UT: 06:41:33.811 (24093.811 s)
Trigger time MDC: 1229496031.18219
Trigger detector(s): 0 0 1
Flight alert notice: this url

A description of the CALET Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (CGBM) can be found in this paper.

CGBM light curves

CGBM HXM1 lc for GRB181222A CGBM HXM2 lc for GRB181222A
CGBM SGM lc for GRB181222A CGBM SGM bg-subtracted lc for GRB181222A
  • Click here for the CGBM ASCII light curve file

    The format of the ASCII lc:

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